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        1. CN
          Enterprise honor


          Infore Environmental has been selected as the leader of China's new-generation artificial intelligence industry innovation ranking list, ranking among China's top AI camp and becoming the "National team" of sanitation intelligent robot industry innovation.


          Infore Environmental has been awarded the Green English Award environmental comprehensive service benchmarking enterprise

          Infore Environmental was named "top 50 Environmental Enterprises in 2019" by Environmental Chamber of Commerce of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce


          Yuxing Technology Development (Shenzhen) Co., LTD was awarded the Shenzhen Patent Award

          Zoomlion Environment was awarded China Patent Award of Excellence


          Yuxing Technology, a subsidiary of Infore Environmental, won the title of “2016 - 2017 most valuable water treatment monitoring and testing equipment brand —— water quality monitoring benchmarking brand” issued by E20 Environment platform

          Zoomlion Environment was rated as "2016 China solid waste Industry Segment Leader and Single Capability Leader" by E20 Environmental Platform /E20 Research Institute

          Zoomlion environment was awarded the 9th China Cleaning Industry Award by China Small and Medium Business Enterprise Association cleaning Industry Branch


          Zhonglian Environment "Key Technology and Industrialization of Environmental Protection and efficient Dry road cleaning Equipment" was awarded the first prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award


          Won Guangdong Environmental Protection Science and Technology Awards (PM2.5)

          YX-TBRG advanced practical technology promotion certificate of skip rain gauge water conservancy


          Awarded Guandong Science and Technology Certificate —AQMS


          2X300MW unitpithead power plant limestone - gypsum flue gas desulfurization project 2010 national key environmental protection and practical technology demonstration